Monday, 5 November 2007

Jacket Length

As I've been losing weight I've been going through older clothes and trying to make outfits. One jacket in particular is frustrating me.
Its a dark greenish/brownish/greyish colour - lets call it khaki for arguments sake as I don't have any pretty fans to compare it to.

It seems like a good colour to me but I am having trouble matching it to anything, and the length is making things tough. There is no detail in the lower part of the jacket so I could alter it to be shorter. That's a lot of work though so before I do that I wanted to see what you all thought.

For the record this was a sale piece and has no matching other half to a suit, but I think it had an above knee skirt originally - perhaps the problem as I can't wear that length skirt. I have both knee length and ankle length boots in faux suede khaki that match it beautifully, the problem is what to wear between jacket and boots LOL

Silhouette wise it looked OK with dark wash bootcut jeans, but that's not useful to me for work. Today I wore it with a striped blouse, knit sleeveless sweater, taupe/mushroom menswear style pants and the ankle boots.
I'll do you a photo and see what you think.

So I am willing to shorten it. And if you think the colour is bad then I will wave it bye-bye to the charity shop.
I'm also willing to make skirt/pants to co-ordinate - suggestions welcome.

Thanks RuthieK