Thursday, 9 July 2015

Thursday 2 Black skirt suit - part deux

So after that I went off and raised Purchase Orders, debated lists of project tasks, argued about access mechanisms, had the new version of the software demo'd to me and so on. The usual exciting day. At luchtime I did walk in my comfortable sandals into town to discover WHSmiths did not have Burda yet!

However when I came home, I carried on with the experiment. Same outfit, same shoes, but now I am adding tights (hosiery), first of all nude sheer tights and second black opaque tights. The nude ones didn't come up to my crotch and got binned after the shot, but the black opaques fit well.

Here I am in the nude tights. I guess they even out my skintone slightly and are a good match, but they make the shoes slippery, which in a court shoe is not great.

Now I've switched into black opaque tights and these are good with the black shoes (obviously not done black tights with nude shoes as that's just not classy).

At this point I ripped the tights off as fast as I could and put on my shorts and a pale pink tshirt for being on my own around the house.
This shows I think why I don't wear shorts much and that pale pastel pink is not a good colour for me.

Thursday 2 Black skirt suit

Today's outfit is a black skirt suit from BHS and a new top bought this summer from BHS because I love the leaf print. The black and ivory work well together.
I have also experimented with 3 different pairs of shoes, bare legs, sheer nude tights and black opaque tights.
The results were not quite what I expected.

So first up, me early this morning, as I went off to work.

Next up, a closer shot of the three pairs of shoes I have been trying out
 Left, Black leather Clarks unstructured sandals, super comfortable even with a 2 inch wedge heel. Great for walking to the shops at lunchtime. I love these and have them in burgundy as well. Comfort 9/10.
Centre, Black leather Gabor court shoes, made in Austria, these also have a 2 inch heel but are a bit more refined. My classic go to shoe for funerals and interviews, though don't wear them m.uch otherwise. Comfort 6/10.
Right, M&S wider fit nude courts with a 3" narrow heel, bought as an experiment to see if nude shoes are a useful thing to have. Comfort 1/10.
So then, still in bare legs (and my little silk culotte slip) I've tried the different shoes with the same outfit.

Not what I expected, those skinny 3" heels are giving me some serious cone legs, and not in a good way.
I think I like the look of the black Clarks ones the best.
(cont in next post...)

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Wednesday 2

I absolutely love this skirt. It was one of only a few new purchases this summer.
It is from BHS and is linen printed with black leaf print, my favourite motif.
What I love about wearing this is it is cool, but gives good coverage. It works well with my existing black linen jacket. The ivory top is made by me, but is pilling and has tiny holes at the seams so will be getting thrown out soon sadly. I like the style though so may just make another one. It always feels slightly short so I might make the next one just a tiny bit longer.

Its flaring out a bit in the wind. This is a skirt you can twirl in!

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Formal Grey Pinstripe Trouser Suit

This suit is from the Next Signature range and is made like a proper suit with working pockets, inside jacket pocket and beautiful coral brocade satin lining. The trousers are half lined.
I do wonder if the trouusers are a tiny bit too long for me though.
The shirt is an M&S one which came with diamante cuff links which quickly lost a few sparkles. I replaced them with pewter metallic buttons reusing the little hook mechanism and they make for great cufflinks.
I wore a silver link and faux pearl necklace, faux pearl studs and a little pearl butterfly brooch as gently feminine touches to quite a mascualine suit.

Butt wrinkles seem less severe in this suit.
This was all taken before 7am as I had to go off to London on the train for a day of meetings.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Grey trouser suit

Now I wear this grey trouser suit a lot for work. To offset the greyness (which I don't feel is my best) I usually wear a pink or red blouse or top to warm it up a bit.
From the front I do quite like these trousers, they sit neatly etc, but having seen the rear shot I am having second thoughts. I have two pairs of these trousers!!
 neat and smooth at the front
 some nasty wrinkling going on there
 oh no
 now with the matching jacket
 sadly not long enough to hide that wrinkly butt thing
I wonder if this is going to have to get KonMari'd too?

Friday, 3 July 2015

Friday: fun skirt

On Friday we can dress down a little, jeans etc so I went for this fun skirt. I love all the applique so much.
I would wear this with dark brown tight and knee lnegth boots in the Autumn, and an orange shirt or cowl neck top. This tee was the best colour match but perhaps slightly frumpy. The gold leaf brooch was my grandmother's and is almost exactly what I draw when I doodle, definitely my motif.

 oops blowing a bit in the breeze

My grandmother's brooch. I love this so much. Very joy sparking.

Thursday, 2 July 2015


Grey green skirt suit with brick red blouse.
I made the jacket and skirt in evening class some years ago. The shirt is from Debenhams but I shortened the sleeves (they were a very tight elbow length, not in keeping with the cotton voile airiness of the blouse).

Interesting this grey green is not in the Clear palette I got from CMB although I asked for a version of my best khaki I was told it wasn't a clear colour :-(, but it does go fantastically with my eyes