Sunday, 30 August 2015

Day 6: Wear a dress

This is a Debenham's print maxi dress and bolero cardigan for a family party.
I pulled my hair back whilst I was getting ready but wore it down. I am wearing large amber earrings not very visible as I have a wide jawline. I left off a necklace because of the beading under the bust.
Comments from FB (quite varied)
- I like it!
- I like the way the color of the bolero is so compatible with your red hair and fair skin tone. The little accents on the dress pick up the bolero color nicely.
- Looks good, just not finished. Perhaps some statement earrings for a contemporary look or a bracelet. 
- I agree, an accessory near to the face would make the finishing touch. My choice would be a necklace, but earrings woukd work too. You can add a bracelet , but I think the portrait area still would need sonething.
- I like the orange bolero and warm accents, but I think your value contrast is lower than b/w and that it's a whole lot of fabric to have in that strong of a contrast level. Perhaps if it were toned down and shortened to mid-knee?
- I agree that more jewelry would be a great accent.
- I like the empire waist dress style on you. The waist center is embellished so I don't think you need a necklace. I suggest earrings that are in the same character and size as the waist embellishment.

Day 5: Daytime Sparkle

The Geranium coloured relaxed tee from Cotton Traders has a beaded detail at the neckline, the scarf has silver stripes and the belt is bronze leather, a relaxed approach to sparkle. I also wore an old brown leather jacket I rejuvenated with moisturiser leaving it wonderfully soft. The shoes are burgundy leather from Clarks. Taupe trousers from Next, nothing current season as I thrift and buy from the outlet stores.
comments so far
I like that leather jacket, and the definition it gives you. I like the scarf plus the jacket; I am not sure I like scarf + shirt + jacket, or tee and scarf together on their own, but I am not experienced enough to articulate why. I personally shy away from a fully tucked in shirt because I am an H body shape without a well defined waist - I am learning to be fond of the half tuck (asymmetrically, with the tuck on the side, so it doesn't draw the eye to the widest part of my torso.)
- You have a lot going on in that outfit. That's OK if it's an effect you want to achieve. You have the sparkly medallion, the belt buckle, the gap between scarf and neckline.
- I like picture 1 better. I like how the jacket gives you more shape and I love the scarf. Pin the second picture I think the scarf and tee look just fine but the pants seem wrong for the tee and scarf by themselves. Maybe a softer color on the bottom in the second picture would help, like khaki or lighter grey
-Good on the sparkle, and the geranium looks very nice on you. The first outfit hits on a number of points: The outer column is more flattering, and restricts the horizontal line drawn by the belt. The way you've tied the scarf elongates your neckline. I just wish the jacket and pants were a warmer color.
I also prefer the first look, and am intrigued by the idea of refreshing leather with moisturizer.    
- I like the jacket best out of the pieces, great job rejuvenating! I think the pants are difficult to judge because they need to be hemmed or worn with a higher heel (they are breaking on your foot in a strange way and upsetting the line of your pants). I am not a fan of the tucked in shirt or the belt; I think the belt is too wide for you. The best look for this may be to shorten the shirt and wear it untucked and with the jacket . 

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Day 4 : Wear Pink

I absolutely love this shade of warm coral pink. This is the sort of shade where everyone tells me how well I am looking and I can see myself that it harmonises with my colouring in my cheeks and lips compared to the dress from Day 2.
I'm not sure about the propotions of the top with the skirt but I was incredibly comfortable. I added an ivory linen jacket for work and sandals with a wedge heel.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Day 3: Wear a scarf

Here I am wearing
Off white linen blouse
Sage grey-green self sewn skirt suit from before blogging days
Celtic knot scarf as discussed here
also featured on the Vivienne Files here

and I tried my versions of her outfits

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Day 2: unworn for over 12 months

Day 2: Wear something that has been in your wardrobe for over a year but you haven’t worn in that time.
It took me a while to find something seasonally appropriate that I've not worn in 12 months as I already donated most of the things in that category.
 In the end I've chosen this Per Una knit dress. I bought it Jan 2014, wore it last summer to a 50th and 2 weddings but keep not choosing it when getting dressed. I think it is because none of the colours in it relate to my personal colouring (they are cool and I'm pretty sure I'm warm). The neckline is a little high and the hemline a little long, but those things could be fixed, I'm just not sure its worth it.
As an experiment I've turned it into a greyscale version to check scale of print and contrast level. and I think it does work OK, so I think it is just the colours that are not great, I guess an issue with funny shop lighting as I thought the pink was warmer when I bought it.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Day 1: Statement necklace

Wearing a chunky necklace and enjoying my lovely garden.

Friday, 7 August 2015

More new haircut

It seems to be settling in quite well

Wednesday, 5 August 2015


Lovely hairdresser Claire had a look at the pictures and listened to Kate's description, then cut lots of hair off and added lots of layers, giving me this look which I have to say I love. The fringe has to grow out yet so I've just parted and scrunched it for now (and see it has fallen back), but it will be allowed to grow into the overall layers with a side parting..
And a beautiful CC skirt with PP top (was worn with a brown jacket)

The top is slightly too yellow but the lime in the skirt has been hard to match.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

New skirt and hair down

Here's the new slimmer but long skirt also my hair worn down and in front or behind my ears.
First up the skirt with red tee and belt, I've had to add a bit of red lipstick as I looked too pale with this red tee otherwise.

Now I've added a black linen jacket.

And here's some headshots so we can see the hair before it gets cut off tomorrow ;-(
 With hair in front of ears
with hair tucked behind the ears, am wearing large drop earrings which match the necklace but are completely lost in the hair, oh well.
 And compared to Kate's suggested hairstyle
Have a bit of fringe to grow out yet.