Saturday, 5 July 2008

Wardrobe Pie

I decided to do myself a 'Wardrobe Pie' this is basically a pie chart showing what sort of things you spend you time on, and therefore what sort of fraction of your wardrobe should be each type of clothing.

I decided that I needed
V smart work (tailored suits) - 1/8
Smart work (tailored co-ordinates) - 3/8
Casual Work (Fridays) -1/8
Casual home - 1/8
V Casual home - 1/8
Beachwear (vacation) - 1/16
Dressy (special occasions) - 1/16

Then if I allowed myself 2 outfits for each 1/16 (this was so I can have 1 summer dressy and 1 winter dressy) I would end up with 32 outfits.

I've started putting it all together in a spreadsheet, and I think I might start hanging stuff as outfits including shoes and jewellery as I seem to wear a few things over and over and look very samey.

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