Monday, 29 June 2015

Monday work outfit

 Black trousers (Star by JM@ Debenhams), Turquoise and white striped shirt (TMLewin), Seafoam green stretch linen jacket (Per Una)

 Mother of pearl/silver earrings.
 Bead necklace made by me.
Blue wedge sandals from Clarks.

Thoughts: -
love the earrings
think the necklace needs reworking as its an odd length for the shirt neckline
love the jacket
the trousers seem too big, I might take them in around the pocket area. I already took the waist in.
the shirt is quite nice but a pain to iron and slightly tight over the stomach.
love the shoes, though they are blue not aqua, but seems to work ok. They are super comfortable even with that wedge, I walked to twon to the fabric stall at lunchtime.

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