Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Outfit shots (Tuesday)

M&S trousers (wide leg) with Ruth made tee. I love the fabric for this tee as its a nice soft viscose printed to look like a knit. It reads as a navy without being too dark (dark around the face makes me look very tired).

This was today's work outfit. I really liked it and it felt cohesive. It works so much better with the jacket. I felt balanced in this as a little structure in the shoulders balances out the hips really nicely.
This jacket has a fairly relaxed fit. This is a really old one from Next in a lovely self check fabric, giving lots of texture.

This is the jacket from the previous day, I really like how it brings my eyes out, but maybe that doesn't show too well in a full length shot. This jacket is Per Una and stretchy and unlined so fits a bit more closely.
This shot shows quite well the challenge with the curved back. It really is that extreme but shows more or less depending on the cut and fit of the garments being worn.
Those wrinkles in the trousers seem to be needing to sit down, these are purchased though and do hang differently to ones made from a Burda pattern. Will do some photos of a favourite Burda pair tomorrow.
Shoes to go with the red jacket
Necklace and earrings to go with the jacket. I love being co-ordinated and have a good sized collection of coloured shoes and bags, lots of scarves and lots of necklaces so I can co-ordinate many outfits.
Changed now into casual for around the house. Matalan classic drawstring trousers (I have these in black, navy and white for casual wear in the summer). Scrap tee made by me.
I normally have the top worn loosely over the top of the waistband, but have tucked it in so my shape shows a bit more. My shoulders are very similar in width here to my hips, so I am not massively a pear shape if using the shoulders, but am if using the bust, to compare to the hips.
Shows the problems of a drawstring front on a protruding tummy! I think the pink I've used in the sleeves here is too cool and too bright for me. I think the same intensity would work in a more coral colour, but the undertone being off is highlighted by the block of strong colour.

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