Thursday, 9 July 2015

Thursday 2 Black skirt suit

Today's outfit is a black skirt suit from BHS and a new top bought this summer from BHS because I love the leaf print. The black and ivory work well together.
I have also experimented with 3 different pairs of shoes, bare legs, sheer nude tights and black opaque tights.
The results were not quite what I expected.

So first up, me early this morning, as I went off to work.

Next up, a closer shot of the three pairs of shoes I have been trying out
 Left, Black leather Clarks unstructured sandals, super comfortable even with a 2 inch wedge heel. Great for walking to the shops at lunchtime. I love these and have them in burgundy as well. Comfort 9/10.
Centre, Black leather Gabor court shoes, made in Austria, these also have a 2 inch heel but are a bit more refined. My classic go to shoe for funerals and interviews, though don't wear them m.uch otherwise. Comfort 6/10.
Right, M&S wider fit nude courts with a 3" narrow heel, bought as an experiment to see if nude shoes are a useful thing to have. Comfort 1/10.
So then, still in bare legs (and my little silk culotte slip) I've tried the different shoes with the same outfit.

Not what I expected, those skinny 3" heels are giving me some serious cone legs, and not in a good way.
I think I like the look of the black Clarks ones the best.
(cont in next post...)

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Fabrickated said...

The nude shoes are too light for the suit, and I think they would look attractive with a summer frock, but if they are uncomfortable that is not going to work. I think the reason your legs look a bit "cone" like is the skirt length, which crops your legs at a fairly wide point, rather than the shoes per se.

The black courts are elegant and as you say good for formal occasions. I think they would look better with a pair of darker tights, if you could get that to work.

You want to wear something flattish, and comfortable for everyday and I completely identify with that. I think there are good sandals, kitten heels, lace ups and loafer out there in lots of colours. I would try to avoid a very definite, horizontal ankle strap. So that is what I would look for.