Thursday, 9 July 2015

Thursday 2 Black skirt suit - part deux

So after that I went off and raised Purchase Orders, debated lists of project tasks, argued about access mechanisms, had the new version of the software demo'd to me and so on. The usual exciting day. At luchtime I did walk in my comfortable sandals into town to discover WHSmiths did not have Burda yet!

However when I came home, I carried on with the experiment. Same outfit, same shoes, but now I am adding tights (hosiery), first of all nude sheer tights and second black opaque tights. The nude ones didn't come up to my crotch and got binned after the shot, but the black opaques fit well.

Here I am in the nude tights. I guess they even out my skintone slightly and are a good match, but they make the shoes slippery, which in a court shoe is not great.

Now I've switched into black opaque tights and these are good with the black shoes (obviously not done black tights with nude shoes as that's just not classy).

At this point I ripped the tights off as fast as I could and put on my shorts and a pale pink tshirt for being on my own around the house.
This shows I think why I don't wear shorts much and that pale pastel pink is not a good colour for me.

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Fabrickated said...

Yes the black tights do produce a nice look, as expected. It's a very interesting experiment and worth writing up on your main blog as I am sure many of us with less slim legs think about this quite a lot. I like the trainers with the shorts and this suggests you may be able to wear this type of shoe to work if you get the right style. Its just a bit more trendy than the sandals.