Wednesday, 1 July 2015


With side shots
 Burda trousers fit a lot better than purchased ones.
 I really like this jacket and trousers together. I made the trousers but the jacket is part of a skirt suit from Wallis.
 By the fence in the shade
 from the back
Wallis knit front top. I like the deep V for slimming the neckline and the knot front with ring for giving a little bit of bust interest.
Sideways. Not sure why there's no back view.

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Fabrickated said...

Yes this is a great outfit in terms of shapes. The trousers are a perfect fit and I too like the style of the top. I think the colour of the jacket may be a bit dull for you. Something to check out later. But absolutely I think you are pretty close to your perfect look here. Super!