Tuesday, 4 August 2015

New skirt and hair down

Here's the new slimmer but long skirt also my hair worn down and in front or behind my ears.
First up the skirt with red tee and belt, I've had to add a bit of red lipstick as I looked too pale with this red tee otherwise.

Now I've added a black linen jacket.

And here's some headshots so we can see the hair before it gets cut off tomorrow ;-(
 With hair in front of ears
with hair tucked behind the ears, am wearing large drop earrings which match the necklace but are completely lost in the hair, oh well.
 And compared to Kate's suggested hairstyle
Have a bit of fringe to grow out yet.

1 comment:

Fabrickated said...

I like this look Ruth. I agree the slimmer skirt is nice, and I think the jacket is great. And I like the red on you (and the belt).