Sunday, 30 August 2015

Day 5: Daytime Sparkle

The Geranium coloured relaxed tee from Cotton Traders has a beaded detail at the neckline, the scarf has silver stripes and the belt is bronze leather, a relaxed approach to sparkle. I also wore an old brown leather jacket I rejuvenated with moisturiser leaving it wonderfully soft. The shoes are burgundy leather from Clarks. Taupe trousers from Next, nothing current season as I thrift and buy from the outlet stores.
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I like that leather jacket, and the definition it gives you. I like the scarf plus the jacket; I am not sure I like scarf + shirt + jacket, or tee and scarf together on their own, but I am not experienced enough to articulate why. I personally shy away from a fully tucked in shirt because I am an H body shape without a well defined waist - I am learning to be fond of the half tuck (asymmetrically, with the tuck on the side, so it doesn't draw the eye to the widest part of my torso.)
- You have a lot going on in that outfit. That's OK if it's an effect you want to achieve. You have the sparkly medallion, the belt buckle, the gap between scarf and neckline.
- I like picture 1 better. I like how the jacket gives you more shape and I love the scarf. Pin the second picture I think the scarf and tee look just fine but the pants seem wrong for the tee and scarf by themselves. Maybe a softer color on the bottom in the second picture would help, like khaki or lighter grey
-Good on the sparkle, and the geranium looks very nice on you. The first outfit hits on a number of points: The outer column is more flattering, and restricts the horizontal line drawn by the belt. The way you've tied the scarf elongates your neckline. I just wish the jacket and pants were a warmer color.
I also prefer the first look, and am intrigued by the idea of refreshing leather with moisturizer.    
- I like the jacket best out of the pieces, great job rejuvenating! I think the pants are difficult to judge because they need to be hemmed or worn with a higher heel (they are breaking on your foot in a strange way and upsetting the line of your pants). I am not a fan of the tucked in shirt or the belt; I think the belt is too wide for you. The best look for this may be to shorten the shirt and wear it untucked and with the jacket . 

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Fabrickated said...

I like this dark jacket a lot. And generally the trousers and jacket with a brighter top is great I think. I like dark colours on you - much better than the mid grey suit of the other day. I find the scarf a bit fussy, especially when you take the jacket off. I think it is the fringing! Otherwise not bad! Perhaps let the T shirt out so that it lines up with the jacket hem?