Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Day 2: unworn for over 12 months

Day 2: Wear something that has been in your wardrobe for over a year but you haven’t worn in that time.
It took me a while to find something seasonally appropriate that I've not worn in 12 months as I already donated most of the things in that category.
 In the end I've chosen this Per Una knit dress. I bought it Jan 2014, wore it last summer to a 50th and 2 weddings but keep not choosing it when getting dressed. I think it is because none of the colours in it relate to my personal colouring (they are cool and I'm pretty sure I'm warm). The neckline is a little high and the hemline a little long, but those things could be fixed, I'm just not sure its worth it.
As an experiment I've turned it into a greyscale version to check scale of print and contrast level. and I think it does work OK, so I think it is just the colours that are not great, I guess an issue with funny shop lighting as I thought the pink was warmer when I bought it.

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Fabrickated said...

I agree, especially when compared to the brown and yellowy green outfit previously, the colours are not working well. Also I agree the neck is too high, and the busy pattern means you are not getting any waist definition which would help with the look. Until I know your colours for sure it might be wrong to ditch this, but I tend to agree with your view.