Sunday, 30 August 2015

Day 6: Wear a dress

This is a Debenham's print maxi dress and bolero cardigan for a family party.
I pulled my hair back whilst I was getting ready but wore it down. I am wearing large amber earrings not very visible as I have a wide jawline. I left off a necklace because of the beading under the bust.
Comments from FB (quite varied)
- I like it!
- I like the way the color of the bolero is so compatible with your red hair and fair skin tone. The little accents on the dress pick up the bolero color nicely.
- Looks good, just not finished. Perhaps some statement earrings for a contemporary look or a bracelet. 
- I agree, an accessory near to the face would make the finishing touch. My choice would be a necklace, but earrings woukd work too. You can add a bracelet , but I think the portrait area still would need sonething.
- I like the orange bolero and warm accents, but I think your value contrast is lower than b/w and that it's a whole lot of fabric to have in that strong of a contrast level. Perhaps if it were toned down and shortened to mid-knee?
- I agree that more jewelry would be a great accent.
- I like the empire waist dress style on you. The waist center is embellished so I don't think you need a necklace. I suggest earrings that are in the same character and size as the waist embellishment.

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Fabrickated said...

I think you look lovely Ruth. How did you feel?