Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Day 3: Wear a scarf

Here I am wearing
Off white linen blouse
Sage grey-green self sewn skirt suit from before blogging days
Celtic knot scarf as discussed here
also featured on the Vivienne Files here

and I tried my versions of her outfits


Fabrickated said...

The scarf is nice but with this outfit it just disappears. It looks like you have a light neutral top with a mid neutral suit. I think it would be great to take the stronger colours from the scarf eg reddish brown, and teal or even a nice yellow and choose clothes in those colours.

Jenni said...

The scarf doesn't pop with this outfit somehow. What does it look like with the new brown set of outfits? I think perhaps it might have the right contrast with the brown to allow the scarf to really add to the outfit.