Wednesday, 5 August 2015


Lovely hairdresser Claire had a look at the pictures and listened to Kate's description, then cut lots of hair off and added lots of layers, giving me this look which I have to say I love. The fringe has to grow out yet so I've just parted and scrunched it for now (and see it has fallen back), but it will be allowed to grow into the overall layers with a side parting..
And a beautiful CC skirt with PP top (was worn with a brown jacket)

The top is slightly too yellow but the lime in the skirt has been hard to match.


Fabrickated said...

I love the hair cut. I think the length is great, don't you? It looks nice and full and hopefully you will feel happy with it down - really a nice look. Are you happy yourself? It is not about pleasing me!! I like the outfit too, and think the yellows and greens harmonise beautifully.

Jenni said...

What a lovely hair cut. So flattering. Will you wear your hair down all the time now?